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Deep dive into Treasure DAO


7 months ago ·

4 min read

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In the past few weeks, we’ve seen several key narratives take shape:

  • The first being the NFT sector seeing a resurgence with OpenSea trading volumes set to make record highs

  • The second being Layer 2 ecosystems becoming more popular and attractive to users as more projects begin to deploy and launch incentive programs on them.

With users looking to capitalize on these narrative rotations, one of the projects that has been the talk of the town that combines the best of both narratives is Treasure DAO. Stick around as we dive deep into the Treasure DAO metaverse, understand the craze behind it, and uncover why you should probably be paying attention to it.

How Treasure Started

Loot Derivative

Treasure started out as a 10k free to mint LOOT derivative NFT project by John Patten & Yuta that followed the same bottom-up approach that LOOT encouraged when it came to development; start with simple primitives and allow the community to imagine and build these out for the ecosystem.

image_2022-01-21_04-47-03 (6).png

Loot Dilemma

The key problems of many LOOT derivatives were the misaligned interests of its founders and the vicious pump and dump cycles that occurred as users were sold into “The Next LOOT” narrative.

The result was a non-existent metaverse, with builders nowhere to be found and a community that just disappeared overnight having accepted the loss, and moving on to mint the next Loot derivative to hopefully make a profit from.

This competition of extracting as much value as possible is completely the opposite of the Bottom Up Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Thesis (BUDGET) that LOOT set out to achieve.

image_2022-01-21_04-47-03 (5).png

Treasure DAO

Treasure realized this early on and iterated upon this model. By serving as the bridge between metaverses and offering an interrelated resource economy, Treasure DAO seeks to establish a Decentralized NFT ecosystem that helps bootstrap other metaverses; a Nintendo for Web 3.

image_2022-01-21_04-47-03 (4).png


Bridgeworld is Treasure’s first flagship game and the central hub of the Treasure Metaverse that revolves around exploring, creating and extracting MAGIC through an interrelated resource economy involving MAGIC, Treasures & Legions.

image_2022-01-21_04-47-03 (3).png

Interrelated Resource Economy


  • Native token and currency of the Treasure Metaverse

  • Used to power everything and emissions are designed to be increasingly scarce as the ecosystem grows

  • Earned by staking in the Mine & playing Treasure Games such as Bridgeworld and others

Treasure NFT

  • Scarce resources shared across the Treasure Metaverse

  • Currently, it’s main utility is that it can be staked to earn MAGIC in the Genesis Mine at an average rate of ~0.14 MAGIC per point per day

  • Future utility involving Treasures in Bridgeworld will come through some form of consumable farming where the rarest Treasures will be required to create the rarest items in the Treasure Metaverse


  • Mandatory to play in the Bridgeworld

  • Genesis Legions are unmatched even against max upgraded Non-Genesis Legions

  • Genesis All-class Legions will be able to do anything

  • Genesis Legions also get staking multipliers

As the Treasure metaverse scales, Gen1 Legions will be inflated via summoning to accommodate the next wave of users. The supply of Genesis Legions, however, will never increase.

7 (1).png

Treasure NFT Marketplace

image_2022-01-21_04-47-04 (4).png

  • Native marketplace on Arbitrum where Treasure’s NFTs as well as its partner-project’s NFTs are listed and sold with MAGIC as the medium of exchange

  • For Treasures & Legions, a 5% royalty fee is charged

  • Since inception, the Treasure NFT Marketplace has overtaken Axie Infinity’s Daily Marketplace volume on 3 separate occasions

  • This week saw the Treasure NFT Marketplace generate $25.8M of volume of which 5% translates to (~$1.29M of revenue that goes to Treasure DAO)

image_2022-01-21_04-47-04 (3).png

Partner Projects


  1. Smol Brains (Live) - A game by Treasure where users stake Smol Brain monkeys to make them smarter and build their world

  2. Smol Bodies (Live) - A game by Treasure where users stake Smol Body bodybuilders to get them swol

  3. LIFE (Soon) - A game by Jumpman that simulates life as an experiential board game

  4. Toadstoolz (Soon) - More info coming soon

  5. Peek-A-Boo! (Soon) - An interactive and skill-based P2E game by independent developers where Ghosts & Busters try to hunt each other

  6. Enjoyooooor (Soon) - No further information available yet

  7. Battle Fly (Soon) - An experimental PvP/P2P DeFi strategy game

  8. Imperium (TBA) - No further information available yet

  9. Mushrohms (TBA) - A game developed in collaboration with Olympus Odyssey

  10. Ether Orcs (TBA) - No further information available yet

SubDAOs and Guilds


  1. ClocksnatcherDAO - First & biggest guild / sub-DAO in the Treasure Metaverse

  2. Alliance DAO - Preeminent Bridgeworld DAO

  3. Fly Tribe - Guild focused on collecting feathers

  4. Gather Guild - Collect, Collaborate, Conquer, Gather Treasures & set ourselves free

  5. Ox DAO - Be as strong as an Ox

  6. The Treasure Hunter Guild - Treasure Hunter Guild

  7. Rent-A-Kek - Rent-A-KEK Smol Car

  8. Magic Conch Shell - All hail the magic conch. The Conch welcomes all

  9. Cult of Favor - Decentralized Guild of Mysticism in Bridgeworld

  10. Pink Hat Posse - A guild for music, style, and fashion

  11. Donkey DAO - DonkeyDAO will be the largest & most equitable sub-DAO

  12. Stonecutters Guild - The guild of castle owners in the Treasure ecosystem

  13. Cap Only Smol Guild - Fellow cap smols UNITE

  14. The Void - We see all. We tell stories



  1. Treasure Tools - A suite of tools ranging from Rarity for NFT collections, NFT Gallery and many more to navigate Treasure DAO

  2. The Collectors - Auto compounding vaults for MAGIC-ETH LPs

  3. Treasure Stats - Display and view Treasure NFT Sale Statistics

Closing Thoughts

In the span of 5 months, the Treasure DAO ecosystem has grown extensively to over 10+ partnered projects, 14+ Sub-DAOs / Guilds, and a community that is only bound to grow exponentially as network effects take the metaverse to new heights.

With a suite of products set to launch in the coming weeks by a team that has been consistently shipping, it’s hard to not be bullish on the Treasure Metaverse as a whole and should certainly be on everyone’s radar this 2022.

A little MAGIC can go a long way ~ 7UE-4cg6iQhxZGiTDS0_Q.png


7 months ago ·

4 min read

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